Star Trek Round-Up: Rumors vs. Facts

Over the last few weeks, we have been inundated with news and rumors coming from our favorite franchise, STAR TREK. The news and official information that has come from both CBS and so-called “inside sources” are extremely conflicting. Some are even suggesting that the news is “fake” in an attempt to debunk the “insider” who is attempting to share with us the truth of what’s going on behind the scenes. All evidence seems to point in a certain direction, which I will save for the conclusion (if you wish, you can just scroll down to the end, unless you want to see how I get there).

For this, I will be taking several sources and lumping them into a general, overall group. There’s the CBS group, represented by the website TrekMovie and YouTuber Ketwolski’s video on the latest news and progress report from the source. In the opposite corner, we have the Fandom Menace, which is represented by videos from Midnight’s Edge, Doomcock, Nerdrotic and MechaRandom42, as well as the general opinion of the fans.

So, let’s dive into these item-by-item.

Section 31
The as-of-now untitled Section 31 TV show is set to star Michelle Yeoh as Former Terran Emperor-turned-S31 Operative Phillipa Georgeou and Shizad Latiff as Ash Tyler/Voq, Son of None, as they go forward to solve the Federation’s problems in an “Unforgiven” western-style show (no doubt plagiarizing from THE MANDALORIAN, and in that same light, expect a cute “iconic” character to be involved as well). Elements of this show have been introduced in STD’s early season 1 episodes and almost all of season 2.

Fandom Menace Rumors
According to videos from MechaRandom42 and Doomcock, the show has been scrapped, with Sherry Redstone allegedly tossing it into a dumpster and setting it on fire. In the latest rumors to come out, Alex Kurtzman stormed into Redstone’s office and demanded that Section 31 be put into production, citing legal obligations and contracts. It is said that Redstone laughed him out of the office and removed him from STAR TREK, ordering him to focus on CLARICE, the “Silence of the Lambs” prequel which ran into its own legal troubles, according to a Midnight’s Edge video.

Section 31 has been given the production name, “Wind Cleaver,” with David Vaughn as show runner, and has moved into pre-production with filming to begin in late-summer. The official schedule aims at series-air in early 2021, along with STP season 2.

From what I have been able to gather, S31’s reception is going to be extremely weak. The majority of fans do not want this show, neither do I. However, with official word that the show has been green-lit and is in pre-production, we are getting it whether we like it or not. If there is any truth that Kurtzman “stormed into Redstone’s office and demanded Section 31,” we can put this matter to rest right now.

It appears that Sherry Redstone’s frustration is with the marketing of the current iteration of STAR TREK, not with the iteration, itself. Redstone wants this to go forward and is championing Kurtzman Trek all the way through, as well as being very happy with Alex Kurtzman. Evidence moving forward suggests the complete opposite of what we in the Fandom Menace are reporting.

It is assumed that the poor reception and direction of STD 2 led to the decision to push the show into the 31st(?) century, so they can reek havoc with the Trek universe without significantly impacting the “future” shows. It is expected that STD 3 will be its last chance to “get it right.”

Fandom Menace
Reports suggest that STD 3 is the last, and that the show has been scraped. The final episode has been written and shot as a “series finale.”

Releasing their weekly production schedule back in January, STD 4 (working title “Green Harvest”) is currently listed as in pre-production. It appears that the higher-ups and Sherry Redstone greenlit STD 4, and as such I expect an announcement shortly after STD 3 premieres on CBSAA/Netflix. According to Ketwolski, how STD 4 will be presented is still up in the air – a full season, limited season, movie-of-the-week-style, or full-on feature film for streaming (maybe theatrical? <- speculation: mine).

With almost no information on STD 3, making an assumption and saying, “how is this even possible?!” is right next door to pointless. What I can assume, with this news, is that Sherry Redstone and her CBS AA exec (I forgot his name, but inconsequential since Redstone holds final approval) saw either the working or finished product of STD 3, liked it, and approved STD 4, with “details to be worked out.”

The question of who, exactly, is show-running STD 4 is anyone’s guess at this point. It is possible that the Fandom Menace rumors may be true about bringing in Ronald D. Moore (TNG,DS9, BATTLE STAR GALACTICA) and/or Ira Behr (TNG,DS9) to do it, but that may be a “leaker’s” wet dream. Rumors also suggested bringing back Bryan Fuller from the ether, but allegedly, he rejected the invite, telling Sherry Redstone to tell Kurtzman to go to hell (exaggeration: mine).

It’s also possible that, if S3’s presentation to Redstone was, indeed, good, then all bets are on that Michelle Paradise is here to stay.

Star Toilet Paper opened with a very strong pilot episode, then quickly tanked, bow-first, into a black hole with the subsequent episodes. However, it seems that outlook remains positive over Sir Patrick Stewart’s supposedly final outing as the iconic Jean-Luc Picard.

Fandom Menace
Star Toilet Paper is cancelled! Rumors of season 2 are fake, according to Fandom Menace sources. There are no plans moving forward, and with such a poor corporate reception and even worse general audience reaction, not to mention the outright firing of Michael Chabon, Redstone has ordered that Star Toilet Paper’s plug be immediately pulled. Season 2 will not see the light of day.


STAR TREK PICARD has officially been renewed for season 2 on January 12, 2020. With the departure of Michael Chabon, Terry Matalas has stepped in as show runner for STP2, with Alex Kurtzman making final command decisions. Just ten days later, Sir Patrick Stewart was the messenger for Kurtzman to invite Whoopi Goldberg to reprise her iconic role, “Guinan,” for STP 2.

It’s also been rumored, by Fandom Menace leakers (one of whom other leakers said are “spreading fake news” in order to “discredit” them) that John de Lancie will reprise his role as “Q” for STP2, and may have a cameo appearance in the current season finale. STP2 is rumored to center around Q, and that pre-production has already begun.

Much like the rumors above, these pieces of news are extremely conflicting. One side is saying that STP is cancelled, the other is saying that STP 2 is in production. It is difficult to determine if there is any truth to either of these, however official sources at CBS (if they are doing a disinformation campaign) are doing a great job in keeping up appearances to the contrary over the Fandom Menace “insiders.”

Final Conclusion

If you’ve managed to read all of the above, then thank you in advance. However, if you just skipped to the end, I will try my best to maintain the illusion of this making any bit of sense whatsoever.

Given the history of Fandom Menace “leaks,” versus CBS official debunking and news, it’s pretty safe to say that the Fandom Menace has a very, very poor record of being right. When it came to leaks about, for instance, STP’s first three episodes and STAR WARS: RISE OF SKYWALKER, we can backtrack to when those leaks were released: immediately after premiering in public forums, with somebody running to Reddit or 4Chan to spoil the show/movie. Thus, those “leaks” were obviously correct.

However, when it comes to speculation about the current (or future) state of STAR TREK, leaks not only tend to be “rumor,” but completely false. Shortly before air of STD2, it was rumored that STD was cancelled and that STD2 was going to be its last. Then, that same “inside source” would say that “if there is going to be a season 3, it would take the form of this or that.”

That source turned out to be dead wrong.

Not only was STD renewed for season 3, but it had been in pre-production as a full season long before season 2 aired.

Now, we are seeing it all over again. The Fandom Menace is disseminating news and rumors (properly, I might add) in order to keep us all informed. These leakers, though, have been proven wrong time and time again, by CBS themselves. This appears to be, very much, the case (yet again) today.

As I said before, I do not want a Section 31 show. We’re going to get it, anyway. I also don’t want a STD4. We’re getting that too. I also don’t want LOWER DECKS or whatever PRODIGY is supposed to be – we’re getting those, also. Now, those same leaks suggest that LOWER DECKS and PRODIGY are only getting one season and that there’s a possibility that they may be cut short, too.

I highly doubt that.

Secret Hideout is one of the absolute worst production companies in Hollywood, today. Their attacks on the fans, the very people who pay their paychecks, by the producers and actors, are not only disrespectful and unprofessional, they’re deserving of all the ire that can be pointed at them. However, current day politics don’t care about our feelings, and current day Hollywood doesn’t care about us – only using their platform as a political segway to run their mouths.

All things considered, it’s our own fault. We were the ones who told them to shut the hell up at awards shows and “get back to work.” After all, “we pay them to entertain – not to go on political hit jobs against Orange Man.” So, they “got back to work,” and took their hit jobs against Orange Man into our entertainment. We told them to do exactly what they are doing right now, and we’re reaping what we sewed.

Alex Kurtzman and Sherry Redstone are making sure that happens exactly like that. I have yet to see any proof that Redstone is the “savior” the Fandom Menace thinks she will be. On the contrary – she’s looking for ways to “make it work” rather than looking for ways to “rescue” it from its current state and “restore” it to the way we want it.

The lesson: we should be careful what we wish for. We told them to go back to work – they did. We told them that we wanted Sherry Redstone back in power – she is. We told them that we’re not happy with what they’re doing – they doubled, tripled and quadrupled-down on it. The only way we can make a difference, now, is to stop watching.

The only effective way to make a difference

The only way to make our voices heard is to stop watching altogether. Let Doomcock, Nerdrotic, Midnight’s Edge, MechaRandom42, SC Reviews et’al watch for us. Let us watch the spoiler reviews, instead. Don’t watch a single moment of it, cancel your CBS All Access subscriptions, and just STOP WATCHING!

That will make these leaks true enough.

Wise Words of our great overlord Doomcock

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