TrekMovie vs. MechaRandom42: The Battle of the Leaks

So while I was on the train home yesterday, I ran into this video from Fandom Menace personality MechaRandom42 on YouTube. To summarize, Mecha goes into a Redit thread where a source, who claims to be inside CBS, says the following interesting notes about the current state of the STAR TREK brand.

STAR TREK is for sale.

STAR TREK is about to have its plug pulled by the higher ups at ViacomCBS.

STAR TREK PICARD is an absolute disaster.

Alex Kurtzman has been 90% hands-off so he can produce CLARICE, the SILENCE OF THE LAMBS spin-off TV series. This is due to him actually having been fired, a report which came out last year and proved to be false.

This apparently flies in the face of this report found on TrekMovie (owned by CBS even though they claim to not be). In fact, CBS claims that more STAR TREK is in the works, including the (long rumored dead, dreaded and not even close to being wanted) “Section 31” travesty, LOWER DECKS animated, and even a Chris Pike TOS reboot-ish-type of show.

Just like JJ’s “Khan is not in the movie,” TrekMovie claims to not be owned by CBS… uh huh…

According to the TrekMovie article, the following is in the works:

TWO NEW TREK SHOWS, one of which is “Section 31.” The other possibly being Pike.

Odd, considering that Mecha’s information flies in the face of the above.

On top of all of that, ViacomCBS and Paramount seem to have positive buzz around STAR TREK 4, the next installment in the JJ Abrams’ reboot universe of films.

Yet, according to Mecha and Midnight’s Edge videos, all of the above that TrekMovie listed, are not only dead in the water, but the actual STAR TREK brand is about to be sold to the highest bidder. Among them, Seth McFarlane is in talks to purchase the TREK brand. Perhaps they can make THE ORVILLE official STAR TREK?

Fat chance of that happening (even if it would be awesome).

The dropping of Seth’s name, alone, is a huge red flag. Historical trends have led towards TrekMovie’s reporting being the most accurate. Consider the following:

Redit “Sources” and subsequent reporting of these sources’ news from Doomcock, Mecha, Midnight’s Edge and other members of the Fandom Menace have been dead wrong in the past. The firing of Alex Kurtzman (who has had more hands-on work with TREK than any other fired employee of CBS) , the cancellation of STD after Season 2 (Season 3 greenlit and is in the can, ready for distribution), the pushing back of PICARD to late 2020 with a possible cancellation before air (premieres in a few days from the writing of this as well as having been renewed for season 2), and a great deal many others.

The mission of the Fandom Menace is simple: quality entertainment, escapism and dang it, we want our myths back! So of course we would rejoice at the news of the collapse of current STAR TREK and a possible bright future for moving forward. However, reality has crashed in around us when it comes to STAR TREK. The great hope of Sherry Redstone’s arrival was dashed when, after she did take over again, she double-downed on allowing the current franchise state to continue onward rather than pulling the plug on the operation. STD was renewed, and not only that, it has been renewed for season 4 as well. STAR TREK 4, which was rumored to be dead, is now in pre-production, is not dead, but is in confusion right now as to whether or not they bring back Chris Pine and co. or go with a whole new cast, crew and starship.

Disclaimer: Mecha and all other Fandom Menace reportings out there do warn that this news needs to be treated as rumor and not actual fact. That being said, we have fallen for these “inside sources” before. We have run with these in our fights against deranged STD fans, Reylos and so-on, when the truth is, we have no ground to stand on. Most reports coming out of official sources via releases in media or at cons, have turned out to be 100% true, destroying the narrative of the magical sources on Redit. We want them to be true rather than the shills like TrekMovie.

Before I go further, this is not a hit piece against Mecha. She’s a great voice in the community and we need more like her to keep standing up for us when others don’t have a wide enough platform to stand on. However, we need to be careful what we take in, and how we’re being played. Trolls on Redit prey on us all the time. Our desire for a restoration of our beloved escapist franchises and true justice against those who bastardize it lead us to run with stories that we “must take with a grain of salt,” and then move forward to say that these leaks should be believed… in the same video.

This is where we get played. We truly, truly need to take these rumors with a grain of salt and heed the forewarning. 90% of these leaks and reports turn out to be bunk, with shill media tending to be the more accurate reporting. Do we, or any sane person, want a Section 31 show?

Hell no!

Are we gonna get it?

Whether we like it or not.

Stay tuned.

Or not.

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