Is The Economy in Recession?!

Since taking the oath of office in January of 2017, President Donald J. Trump has continued to shake up the establishment so much that they’re trying anything and everything to get him out! That very act of shaking things up has led to the US enjoying some of the best economic times since the presidency of Bill Clinton. With jobs on the rise resulting in shrinking real unemployment, and a middle class able to take hold of prosperity like never before, one has to wonder: what’s the problem with the democrats?

Steve Keen, a British economist, believes that the US is headed for another Bush-era recession in 2020. He claims that the economy in America has returned to pre-recession levels, and a new housing bubble has formed that’s about to burst (citation link).

Keen is a university professor, so of course he is a master at manipulating information. He wants us to believe that the sole cause of the Great Recession was the result of the housing market imploding on itself (just like we’re supposed to believe that the Australian wildfires are the result of “climate change” and not the 180+ arsonists arrested in direct connection to the wildfires). This is only one factor but is nowhere near the entirety of the story.

While the economy flourished under Bill Clinton, it was George W. Bush who had to suffer through the aftermath of the long term devastation that the Clinton economy created. The early years of the Bush Administration, pre-9/11, were some of the best years in recent memory. Gasoline nationwide was down to around 95-cents per gallon, unemployment was low, wages were high, and Americans were confidently consuming.

Then, NAFTA officially kicked in. 9/11 happened. America went to war with Afghanistan, then Iraq. Gas prices skyrocketed. Wages decreased. Consumerism shrank and went limp. Predatory lending caused mass homelessness which resulted in uncontrollable unemployment surges. America was on the brink of disaster.

Housing, alone, won’t affect the economy. It was a symptom of a much greater problem, and George W. Bush did little to nothing about it.

Then, Barack Obama stepped in. All of America breathed a sigh of relief when John McCain was handily defeated both in the popular vote and in the electoral college. The landslide victory helped to propel a sense of patriotism and hope; a hope that Obama, himself, ran on during his campaign. A vision of a future where America returned to the glory days of the Clinton economy.

In his first term, Obama seemed to be on the path towards mending the wounds NAFTA and the Bush era policies created. This enraged the republican base, as Obama’s second term was about to become the darkest era on American history, that we still haven’t recovered from to this day.

During the course of Obama’s second term, the administration cut off unemployment benefits to tens of millions of Americans who could not get gainful employment due to low wages and illegal immigration taking over critical jobs. Prison work programs were prospering, however, offering free, legal labor to employers where, in opposition of this, they would have to pay huge wages to unionized specialists. Construction workers, street sweepers, sewage maintenance jobs were all being given to illegals or prisoners.

Racial injustice, the likes of which haven’t been seen since the 1950s, reignited under the Obama administration. This led to more rampant unemployment as affirmative action groups such as the American Civil Liberties Union began to dictate how companies hired. The government boosted diversity hiring tax bonuses to companies that hired women over men, blacks over whites and Asians, illegals over citizens, LGBTQ+ individuals and allies over non-allies.

The self-defense killing of Treyvon Martin left a sour taste in the mouths of almost all of America. In turn, the organization Black Lives Matter, which first established itself through terror by rioting, targeting whites for violence, and assassination of police officers, found a great sponsor and friend in President Obama. BLM flew to the defense of Martin, condemning George Zimmerman as a white supremacist who was out to kill blacks for the fun of it.

Meanwhile, the other side recognized that Zimmerman was, indeed, Latino and killed Treyvon in self defense.

Of course, both sides of the argument got violent and when Michael Brown was killed by police after an armed robbery. Things only got much worse.

By the end of the Obama presidency, terror groups like BLM and Antifa had risen to power, in order to dictate what America must do moving forward.

President Donald J. Trump wasn’t having any of that. However, instead of tossing his hat into the ring to play the low-bar games of BLM and Antifa, he decided to unite America in a different way – by attacking the very policies that brought America down this path in the first place.

As a real estate expert, President Trump strategically freed lenders and real estate brokers from the bonds that Obama had chained them in, while leaving on those that prevented the most devastating results during the Bush era. While Americans should now feel free to invest in housing, predatory lending and selling off mortgages to other companies that will raise the consumer’s rates outside of their original contracts, is still fraud under the law (this was a practice that went unregulated under the Bush Administration, that continues to be regulated under Trump).

Trump crushed Obamacare, which penalized Americans for not having health insurance that they can’t afford. It also helped the millions of Americans, who lost insurance when Obamacare was implemented, to regain their coverage. Obamacare did nothing to address the incredibly high cost of healthcare, with or without insurance. President Trump has yet to do this as well.

Trump, through executive order, reversed many Clinton/Bush/Obama policies that crushed employment in the nation. Through these actions, the stock market soared (and continues to do so as of the writing of this piece), and companies began to hire again. Trump cutting off the illegal immigration snake at its jugular forced companies to flush out their illegal labor and hire Americans. Those companies who refused to get aboard the Trump agenda quickly found themselves, in spite of what the mainstream media had been telling us, without customers. Americans fed up with the wave of “social justice” being preached to them by Hollywood, Antifa and left-leaning politicians, either stayed away from businesses that contributed to the economic collapse of America in the first place, or stayed home altogether.

Through his policies, Donald Trump has lowered both the government and real unemployment numbers. Government unemployment numbers are those released to the public by the reigning administration. These come from the government department of labor statistics, and record the number of individuals who currently are claiming and are receiving unemployment benefits. These are the numbers you hear about on the news.

In this regard, Obama’s numbers were magnificent! Leaving office, President Obama brought these numbers down to 4.4%. The magical illusion Obama performed before our very eyes was what he did to those who have been out of work for a half-year or longer.

He cut them off.

Their data was no longer being recorded.

What Obama couldn’t hide from was the real unemployment rate.

Real unemployment, or “actual” unemployment, is an estimated number versus population density. What this measures is an estimated number of currently living working-age Americans who are not receiving income, and thus, unemployed. This number takes into account those currently collecting unemployment benefits as well.

I’ll demonstrate what happened.

In 2013, a year before Obama cut off the unemployment benefits to Americans, reported and real unemployment were at 7%. This was the number Americans were used to seeing.

Then, Obama made the cut.

In 2014, there was almost an even divide between government and real unemployment numbers. Obama raked in a 6.2% statistic while real unemployment was at 12.7%. So-called “experts” on the left decided that “real” unemployment was a fake number used by racists and anytime one were to make the argument, suddenly they were racist against a black president.

As the years followed, real unemployment continued to remain significantly higher than those reported by the government. That is, until President Trump stepped in.

The ratio between real and government is still almost an even split, but take a look at the 2019 closing numbers, as found by a simple Google search:

Reported: 3.5%
Real: 6.7%

This means that 3.5% of unemployed Americans are still receiving unemployment benefits.

An estimated 6.7% of Americans are without a job, including the 3.5% receiving benefits. This was in the same neighborhood as Obama’s government-reported numbers when he made the cut.

While one can catalog a downtrend during the Obama years, there’s no arguing that a huge downfall in the unemployment figures took place as a result of President Trump’s executive orders and economic policies that the President managed to get through before the current roster of communists extreme democrats took office.

Yes, there is always a danger of some unforeseen event causing a massive recession. The entire planet is overdue for a Depression-level recession at any moment. To say, though, that America is on the brink of a recession because the economy has returned to pre-recession levels is beyond unreasonable. The simplest explanation is that reconstruction and restoration of the American economy, before Clinton/Bush’s policies took hold, have completed. The fact that the economy continues to gain strength and climb back upward only proves the American resolve.

Organizations like Antifa and the current democratic party under the command of George Soros will continue to attempt to thwart and destroy America from within. So long as we keep ignoring the Hollywood elites, the Soros mouth pieces and defend ourselves against the likes of Antifa, the American economy will do just fine through the rest of President Trump’s presidency, including his certain reelection this November.

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