The Lessening Power of Words

The Most Hated Man on Twitter

When I was going through my K-12 years, the names I would hear when people wanted my attention weren’t my own. Almost no one called me by my name. Instead it was always “faggot” and “retard.” I was bullied for being a certain religious persuasion. I was also gay bashed, called every anti gay name in the book, from “fudge packer” and “flamer” to the all destroying name of “faggot.” This was on an hourly basis and wouldn’t really stop until my junior year of high school.

What hurt about the gay bashing names weren’t the names themselves.

I’m NOT gay. I am far from it.

That didn’t stop the bullies.

My first real girlfriend I had was in 8th grade. I was late into maturity and that included mating eligibility. I remember one specific episode where one of my usual bullies (aside from half of the school population) came up to my girlfriend at the time and said, “Don’t you know he’s a faggot? He’s fucking GAY!”

She turned to the scumbag and said clearly, “No, he’s not!”

The bully called her an idiot and left the scene.

That didn’t end matters. It got worse through my freshman year of high school. The rumors and the bullying got even worse. There were two particular bullies who made it their mission to make sure everyone knew I was gay. I had an entourage between classes whose sole purpose was to scream, “He’s a fucking faggot!” On schedule and without fail.

Then I transferred high schools. It was the best move as those voices were no longer taunting me. I had a pretty normal budding heterosexual sex life and was generally popular among the entire school. I had great friends and dated many girls, not to prove that I wasn’t gay (I had nothing to prove), but because I enjoy female company, sexual or non sexual.

That brings me to the focus of this post.

Recently I was silenced on Twitter for calling out congress-thing Ilhan Omar (D, TS, MN) (d for democrat, TS for terror-sponsor, given she’s a major Hamas donor, and her state). She made a statement about bigotry and white supremacy after she had been caught with a walking white dong. I called her out on hypocrisy and her seemingly limited intelligence. Especially on the eve of 9/11, an event she famously commented at a Hamas Fundraising event, “Some people did something and now we’re losing our civil liberties.”

I called her a retard. I am proud of that and make no refractions.

If I want to remain on Twitter, however, I have to walk it back and take a 7 day hit.

Here’s the tweet and message from twitter in context:

What I find funny is that none of these “hate” categories were met by this tweet.

That is, unless Twitter is also calling Ilhan retarded citing the only possible protection against her from this tweet: disability.

This tweet violated none of these. Twitter got it wrong and I am challenging them on this.

As someone who has been also labeled as a retard by my own father, I do not hold the word “retard” as an insult to those with disabilities but as a weapon to people who say stupid shit. “If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor.” (Barack Obama). “…weapons of mass construction.” (George W. Bush). “Let’s impeach the motherfucker!” (Rashida Tlaib). “Asylees are not charged with any crime.” (AOC). “Some people did something.” (Ilhan Omar). Every tweet by Rob Reiner.

Get the idea?

What Ilhan said in the post I trolled her (proudly) over was simply retarded and called her a retard for saying it. She’s a completely able bodied individual and an elected official. Every word she says is subject to scrutiny and judgement as a public figure. In my vocal opinion she is a retard for saying the crap she spews.

Twitter has called President Trump far worse. An Indian man was applauded by Kamala Harris for calling the POTUS a retard. “Well said,” she praised.

So in other words, retard is off limits unless you’re calling President Trump a retard or a faggot? What the hell is this world coming to?!

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