YouMeHer goes WOKE… Again…

The sexploits of Jack, Emma and Izzy are back for a 4th season of this very entertaining and interesting series that explores the plights of LGBTQIA+ acceptance in modern society. YouMeHer Season 4 hit Netflix a few weeks ago and I was excited to see the next chapter in this hilarious dumpster fire that is this show.

Oh, perhaps I’ll say this now: Spoilers for the entire series are contained in this story. Thus, if you haven’t seen the show or in mid-swing by the time you actually get to read this, stop reading, see the rest of the show, and then come back.

You’ve been warned.

©️Netflix. Image used without permission

Season 4 picks up right where season 3 left off. Emma is pregnant, Jack and Izzy are along for the ride. Izzy has a now-mended relationship with her father. The “thruple” is now living in the suburban home that was on lease to them in Hawthorne Heights and are competing with a mysterious buyer who keeps outbidding them for the home.

The subplots of this show attempt to hilariously breach the fourth wall with Izzy’s best friend and the “enemy of the episode,” a very forgettable “President of the Home Owners’ Society,” or whatever it was called, realizing they’re in a TV show over heavy drinks. It was a charming scene.

As the short season progresses (I binged the entire season in just 2 days), we see Izzy go through a constant self-consciousness wrestling match over what her heart wants and what her private parts want. On the one hand, she does love Jack and Emma and has a constant source of sex, which seems to be problematic this time around as Emma is pregnant and obsessed with getting Jack and Izzy to screw. On the other, Izzy is struggling with the very notion (that everyone is outwardly telling her) that she’s living Jack and Emma’s life and there’s no room for consideration of what she wants in the future.

For example, she would want to have kids. Jack and Emma are having twins, and thus, they’re not wanting any more, citing age, occupancy and economic reasons. Specifically, Izzy wants to have kids with Jack, and Emma is taking the extra step into making sure Izzy is also “mom” by researching “Tri-Custody” agreements.

One of the voices of her inner turmoil is a new character, Nathan, who was also one of Jack’s friends. The relationship between Nathan and Izzy starts off rocky but quickly turns into something so much more. Of course, Izzy rejects the hell out of Nathan when he confesses that he’s in love with her, though deep down, Izzy knows that not only is Nathan right but she, too, is in love with him. She would never admit it but she constantly fights with this notion the entire season.

There are many, many more twists and turns in this entertaining season, but as I was watching it, I couldn’t help but keep in the back of my mind that, This is Netflix! There has to be a point where this is woke as hell!

Sure enough, Netflix does not disappoint.

Izzy, who last season was an expert in child psychology, this season is now magically a LGBTQIA+ “expert.” She is well versed in all 200 possible genders and knows how to handle youth who feel they are pansexual.

There is straight-bashing when a minor character (who will probably be a major character in season five) reveals to his first love interest (a gay boy) that he is actually straight and didn’t want to bring the gay boy through the mud anymore. After that reveal, he is beaten physically and accused of a hate crime just because he was straight, white cis. The only reason why he was cleared of said crime is because his second love interest proved that she was sleeping with him at the time of the hate crime (which was just a revenge crime against someone who hated the color Izzy painted her front door…. literally).

AOC Crying at the Southern Border after seeing conditions of the detention facilities. Fair use / Public domain imagery

The final episodes are a direct stab at President Trump, propping up the insane hoaxes of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her over-dramatizations at the “border,” or rather parking lots 150 miles from said border. Nathan, defeated by dejection from Izzy, decides to go down to “help kids in cages.”

Fake news, caught by some random person with a cell phone camera.

In a show that is literally about abnormal/alternative lifestyles, these things should not come as a surprise to anyone who decides to pick up YouMeHer. If you can’t take jokes or can’t control your temper when opposing points of view come into play, YouMeHer is not for you. I agree 0% with the views of this show, but its entertainment value outweighs its progressive activism, and that is important when deciding what to binge.

YouMeHer, all four seasons, is now available on Netflix and hopefully will be coming back for a fifth season next year. If you can push aside your political differences to enjoy some quality entertainment, YouMeHer is genius. If not… well, I can’t say I blame you.

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