Angered and Speechless (for once)

In case you’ve been living under a rock (in that event, I STRONGLY suggest going back under said rock because truly “ignorance is bliss” at this stage), you should be aware of the latest round of ANTIFA protests in Portland. If you’ve been hanging around me on Twitter, you may have noticed that I’ve pumped out more content on that platform in the last few weeks than I have on my own website. There are good reasons for this, that I will get into in this piece (I don’t know how long it will be… yet). Suffice it to say, things went down, my puppet master had some huge life changes, and I haven’t been posting content like I used to.

It all kicked off when the Fandom Menace woke up to the shocking news that Anna: That Star Wars Girl’s sister, Ellen, went missing. Anna is a near and dear friend to the Fandom Menace, cherished by many, and with someone whom I have had the pleasure of interacting with via SuperChats and Twitter.

Famous Avatar of ANNA: THAT STAR WARS GIRL on YouTube

It was revealed this passed Monday (as of the date of this publication, July 1st) that Ellen had passed away. On Twitter, I joined in the effort by retweeting, and even posted a recently-deleted advert looking for any information on Ellen’s disappearance. Unfortunately, the end result was not the one we had hoped for (obviously), and most of the Fandom Menace went silent for most of the week since Anna gave us all that heartbroken update. My thoughts were, and still are, with Anna and her family (for all the good they will do).

Obviously, questions linger as to how Ellen passed, where was she found, who was the dude who was driving her car, etc. Those are questions that Anna, I am sure, is also asking but regardless of that, she has asked for privacy in these matters and Jeremy of Geeks + Gamers stands a vigilant watch over the Twitterverse to make sure Anna gets to mourn in her own way.

Then, immediately following, came the ANTIFA riots in Portland. I have had and always will have extremely high disregard and hatred for this group of masked, jobless basement dwellers. The lack of respect I have followed me into several interactions on Twitter with supporters and/or members of the organization, and it was not a pleasant thing, having to viciously defeat them with facts and logic.

When said facts and logic fail an ANTIFA mob, they attack. Andy Ngo (pronounced: No, like “No, go do somethings to yourself”) is a journalist. His qualifications and reputation: unknown to me. However, his social status is thus: Asian and homosexual. When discussing the Andy Ngo situation on Fox News (for what it’s worth), it was suggested that Andy, being a double-victim in the eyes of the left, would be seen as someone worth protecting, not beating the ever living snot out of.

ANTIFA chose the latter.

When Ngo went to document the ANTIFA terror attacks in Portland, he was milkshaked, Carlos Maza style. The milkshake contents had tested positive for quick dry cement and other harmful detergents. He was sprayed with OC pepper spray and silly string, as well as beaten by clubs and fists. The police were nowhere to be seen.

In that same terror attack, ANTIFA found a random elderly man and beat him to within an inch of his life. A burly young man decided to make the biggest mistake of his life by coming to the old man’s rescue. His repayment: a cracked skull as ANTIFA cowards swarmed him and bashed him in the head with clubs.

It was later discovered that, at that same ANTIFA terror muscle flex, that they were also hurling water balloons filled with hydrochloric acid. The left’s response: “You’re afraid of water balloons?”

Portland, Oregon is one of the largest liberal communities in the United States. Its administration is all democrat and has been for quite some time. It is also a gun-free city, making it a felony to possess a firearm. As a result, the majority of people (the law abiding citizens) are unarmed, thus making an ANTIFA attack extremely easy to fulfill.

Obviously, ANTIFA won’t try something like this in Dallas, San Antonio, Kansas City, Ft. Lauderdale, Cleveland or any other concealed or open-carry cities/states. You won’t see ANTIFA anywhere in Montana, for example. Chances are that if you did, that would be the last time any ANTIFA members would be seen, alive.

ANTIFA is a disease, much like liberalism is these days. In 2017, in fear for his life, a man who was legally permitted to carry a weapon (but not brandish it) faces 10 years in prison for pulling a gun on an ANTIFA hate mob when he took a turn down the wrong road. The hate mob converged on his position very quickly, and if you search for this on YouTube, you’ll find the ANTIFA crowd that was about to possibly maim this man, start to soil themselves at the sight of a single man with a gun. This is solid proof that ANTIFA, the cowards they are, hide behind gun free zone laws when they execute their operations of terror.

These terrorists wouldn’t know what to do with themselves when citizen militias begin to organize to take them out.

ANTIFA is a terror organization and an enemy of the United States. Anyone who burns the flag, screams “Death to America” and attacks American citizens lose all protections under the law. They, themselves, become traitors and must be treated as such. The President is within his authority to mobilize the United States Military to combat ANTIFA, with prejudice. It is the only way these true fascists will ever learn their lesson.

ANTIFA Terrorist Mugshots

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