By One Man…

As many of you may or may not be aware, an individual from Vox is going on a one-man war against conservative voices on YouTube in an attempt to deplatform them. This fascist threw a two-day hissy fit after complaining to YouTube that a certain channel was spreading hate against the LGBT community. The Twitter war that ensued has resulted not just in the deplatforming and demonetization of the target channel but in the overall demonetization of thousands of conservative-leaning YouTube channels.

It all began a long time ago where this certain member of Vox, who started off at Media Matters (an organization whose sole purpose is the shut down of conservative talking heads) began a flame war with Steven Crowder (from Louder with Crowder). It heated up over the months, and then the individual in question (I personally won’t directly name them) posted this on Twitter in May (I’ll let their own words call themselves out):

A call to assault and violence

On June 5th, that’s exactly what happened to allies of President Trump in the UK [read it here].

A few days ago, the following tweet began to be retweeted over and over again:

A simple status or a warning?

Granted, this was dated November 16th of last year, but the retweeting from conservative voices on Twitter came just hours ahead of the following YouTube response to this individual’s demands for Crowder to be deleted and banned from YouTube, Alex Jones style:

Sorry, we support free speech. He can be a dirt bag but we won’t demonetize him because you don’t like what he has to say.

Those of us in the conservative community, including myself, fell into false hopes that YouTube, under recent pressure from the Trump Administration, was finally seeing the light: that content, whether you agree with it or not, has a right to be made, said and broadcasted so long as it doesn’t violence or crime.

Oh, how wrong we were. As Vox continued to put out hit piece after hit piece against Crowder, it only took just a day for YouTube to throw down:

YouTube not only completely demonetized Steven Crowder, they demonetized nearly EVERY conservative utilizing their service as a platform.

By one man, an entire outlet on YouTube was brought down.

What is trending on Twitter as #VoxAdpocalypse has everyone running scared, not just in the conservative sphere but in the Fandom Menace as well. Just days before this whole thing went down, Jeremy from Geeks + Gamers posted a video, pleading with all of YouTube, to come together and support one another because things are about to hit the fan (you can find that story on my page). Odd that just days after, this whole thing started to go down. YouTube creators have their pulse on the platform and chose, instead of ignoring it, to act and call for unity.

Something that this individual from Vox refused to embrace; something he wants torn apart.

Apparently, he’s not happy with it, either. He continues to call for the complete shutdown/silencing of YouTube to censor everyone, not just conservatives (with reaction from Fandom Menace):

Captured from Geeks + Gamers Twitter feed

While YouTube still exists, this is a hard-won victory for Vox and for the control left who wish to silence people who think differently than they. The move by small-time Vox was so impressive, it encouraged CNET, a tech site that I used to adore in the 1990s and early 2000s, to go after the Fandom Menace’s own The Quartering.

Commentary captured by MechaRandom42

Opinion: CNET is about to get a taste of some harsh reality. Not only is Jeremy from The Quartering (not the Jeremy from Geeks + Gamers) very vocal about being attacked both verbally and physically, he is also very intelligent and is known to not take things lying down. While some YouTubers, before this whole thing hit the fan, would roast their attackers and monetize their videos, thereby monetizing the haters, Jeremy of The Quartering has a lawyer on speed dial and is not afraid to file litigation against defamation.

As the poo is now being splattered after impact with the desk fan, monetizing enemies is no longer an option. Essentially, what has amounted to robbing people of their livelihoods, taking revenge by humiliating opponents is quickly becoming too expensive to accomplish. Instead, litigation may be the only recourse against this individual from Vox. It is not on YouTube, the actual party that demonetized these channels. They are an entity being supported by a lobby, and Vox is that lobby.

Social justice warriors, for far too long, have been allowed to continue on without consequence or recourse. I have been a believer in what comes around goes around. SJWs and ANTIFA, those who commit violence against people who simply say that they don’t agree with them, have been getting away with crime by the skin of their teeth. CNET’s SJW staff is about to get a taste of the strike-back that has been a long time coming. Hopefully, Steven Crowder’s legal team is going after this individual from Vox in the same, ruthless manner.

The slander and assaults will come to a head in an all out war. The actions of social justice warriors and ANTIFA are exactly the same tactics Adolph Hitler and Saddam Hussein used on the public at large in order to control. These individuals and organization are precisely what George Orwell warned us about in his famous novel, 1984. The book was intended to be a warning, not an instruction manual. Now, we are living the horror and people are getting #FedUp with #TimesUp.

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