Who Do You Think You Are? A Response to Chris Evans

The miracle of the internet provides that I can share my life story and none of you will know who I am (unless you subscribe to my YouTube channel, which is about all 4 of you, and why I don’t promote it in lieu of using the gift the Lord gave me in writing and posting in this medium for you all to see). I can share this information with you, not just in the hopes you’ll open your eyes, but within the safety of a virtual avatar, like the one that headlines this piece. First, I’ll share a secret with you all. Then, I’ll rip into Chris Evans for being an absolute dirt bag on Twitter, as I’m sure many people have already told him.

My childhood was not all video games and footballs. Instead, it was full of sexual assault and pain. From my early junior high school life, I was dodging rape gangs in the school I attended (which has been shut down for a long, long time, but when it was operating there were gangs of high school seniors assaulting and raping middle school boys (the school was grades 6 through 12)). During my early high school life, I was called kike, faggot, and every anti-Semitic and anti-gay slur you could think of, also constantly beaten on a daily basis for being gay.

Before we go any further, I’m straight and very much in lust with females, especially of a particular variety native to my current environment, when they walk by my storefront. If you could hear my thoughts, I’d have countless charges of sexual harassment against me, I promise you. Try telling the bullies that as they pounded my face in, spat on me, kicked me, all while screaming, “Die, you [censored] faggot! You gay bastard!”

Even my girlfriend at the time was disgusted to the point she employed several individuals to avenge me – after all, how could I be gay and sexually charged towards women at the same time? I certainly wasn’t bisexual as, after the events a few years earlier, the idea of engaging in sexual acts with another man made me vomit on the spot (PTSD).

My latter high school years reaffirmed my masculinity. I had multiple sexual female partners, and while I was somewhat of a beta male, less so than I am now, I still led my own pack of friends as an alpha, was very popular, and had plenty of female attention. One could never mistake me for gay as high school came to a close for me.

A far cry from the kid who painted the floor of the boy’s locker room a couple shades of red and yellow.

So, when I read that Chris Evans basically said, in his Tweet that if you support the so-called Straight Pride Parade being planned in Boston, it’s because you’re a closet homosexual.

Self Explanatory. Reject Straight Pride, you closet gay!

So let me get this straight…

Pun intended.

Disavow the Straight Pride Parade or just come out of the closet.

So you mean to tell us that those of us who reject the SJW tropes, who are striving each day to live a normal life, free of SJW nonsense, are gay?

You might as well be the bully that punched me in the face every day, screaming, “Die, faggot!”

There is nothing to “understand,” other than your own social justice pandering which is going to bite you back in the worst way. If the lessons Brie Larson are being taught haven’t told you anything, then just wait. SJWs eat their own.

As Bounding into Comics published, not only are non-LGBT, like myself, coming up against you, but people who ARE LGBT are making their voices heard and are calling you out.

(Credit for the finds: Bounding into Comics, I claim nothing).

Just one example

As someone who has struggled all of my early childhood with being mislabeled, violently, Chris Evans is absolutely wrong in his statements. Then again, this is from a person who says he doesn’t want Trump Supporters as fans, citing he doesn’t want to alienate half of his fan base but knows it’s the price he pays for being an SJW not speaking up [citation link].

Now, dear audience, don’t get me wrong. I am NOT a victim. I put my best foot forward when I changed schools and I was very fortunate to have the best three and a half years of my life at the school I graduated from. So while I am offended at Chris Evans’ for his choice of wording, he has a right to say it and I have a right to be offended. I’m not seeking to silence Chris Evans (like I could anyway, but I wouldn’t want to in the first place). Everyone has a right to say what they want to say, the words people say, no matter how wrong they are, are still wrong.

Chris Evans isn’t calling me a closet homosexual while at the same time kicking me in the stomach until I throw up all kinds of organ pieces on the locker room floor. He’s not even close to doing that. But, he has alienated me as someone who supports the idea of a Straight Pride Parade, NOT as an affront to the LGBT community, but an affront to the calls of so-called social justice. Same goes for prayer rallies and other demonstrations that are trying to restore some semblance of common sense.

The Straight Pride Parade is not about being anti-LGBT, which I am certainly NOT (I have many LGB friends – leaving out the other acronyms because I don’t know any who are TQ and so-on). It’s about being anti-THIS:

This creature, right here, is an SJW in its natural habitat: an American university. It is looking for Christ Evans to slip and and eat him alive… Stay clear of these creatures…

You can say what you want to say, and I will handle my money the way I want to handle my money. Unfortunately, I and many others will not be ponying up cash for anything Chris Evans is involved in. Not that he cares as it won’t impact his bottom line in the slightest, but I’ll have a clean conscience knowing that MY money isn’t being spent towards his salary. It will have to be funded elsewhere (and it will be, make no mistake).

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