Fan Entitlement: The Curious Case of Kristian Harloff

So you have one the biggest fans of Star Wars on the internet today, Kristian Harloff, who even has a planet named after him in canon lore. Some theme park somewhere opens up and two other female staff members from Collider were invited to the park but Harloff was not. He, then, made some extremely bold statements that got him shunned by the fandom and attacked by social justice warriors, specifically, the Mary Sue. Harloff acted like an entitled spoiled brat, angry that someone else got to play in the sandbox and he didn’t. How dare he express himself in this manner, completely unprofessional, sexist and misogynist all at the same time…

Except, it wasn’t and he didn’t.

I have been a fan of Harloff for a very long time, from when he was working with John Campea at AMC, and I’ve been an even bigger fan of the Movie Trivia Schmodown (if you love movies, I highly recommend this). The one thing that Harloff is, above everything else, no matter how much you like or dislike him, he is a Star Wars fan, tried and true. With mountains of knowledge regarding Star Wars lore, Harloff is an absolute Sith Lord if you test him. His knowledge rivals, dare I say, even Jeremy over at Geeks + Gamers. So this is absolutely indisputable.

When people like Rachel Leishman over at the Mary Sue smear and attempt to destroy the image of a jaded Kristian Harloff, YouTuber SC Reviews (video after this article), who doesn’t exactly defend Harloff’s reaction, made a counter hit piece going after Leishman’s trash article. Never mind the attacks against the main demographic of Star Wars fans which are enough to anger any member of the Fandom Menace, it is clear that someone was bored for content and decided to have at it against Harloff.

Am I making an excuse for Harloff’s behavior?

Yes, I am.

In his video on Collider, Harloff exclaimed the slogan that’ll be on every meme for the next couple of weeks. Basically, and you can find his video yourself for the exact quote, Harloff declared that he was angry he didn’t get to go to Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge, and that he worked his butt off for the last couple of years and got no invitation. Having followed Harloff’s career over the last five years, more than that, actually, I feel his pain.

Harloff personally invested a lot of his time, at the sacrifice of spending time with his wife and DAUGHTER (emphasizing this for the SJWs out there smearing him as a sexist), digging the dirt and doing the grunt work, building connections and networking deep into Lucasfilm. He shilled for Star Wars, even at its worst, holding out hope that Star Wars hadn’t turned his back on him, that their radical changes have an endgame that everyone will be able to come together in peace and harmony and all that great stuff.

What was his payoff for being a loyal SJW shill?

The big f-you because he has a penis. The true sexists, dare I say, are the SJWs calling him out because he was upset someone was invited to go and he wasn’t.

No, it had nothing to do with the gender of the two women who got invited by Lucasfilm. It had everything to do with Harloff’s dedication, devotion and blood, sweat and toil that he put in, shilling and defending Disney and Lucasfilm’s questionable business decisions, only to be told to sit down and shut up from the likes of Rachel Leishman because he’s got a penis.

How dare Kristian open his mouth, right?

I am both saddened and happy this happened to Kristian. I’ll explain why.

I’m saddened that this happened to him. Yeah, he got screwed out of the invite and dared to be vocal about it, but more importantly, I’m saddened that he is now experiencing what SJWs do to one another. He doesn’t play by SJW rules, in fact, he lives by his own. They just happened to match what one might consider an SJW agenda, but he had no social justice agenda of his own. He shilled because he loved Star Wars and didn’t want to accept that the franchise was going down that road on a bullet train. He still had love and devotion to the fandom. Heck, he’s got a whole canon planet named after him and is friends with the author who made that happen (Read: Claudia Gray’s Lost Stars, one of the best works of Star Wars fiction I’ve ever read!!! His planet is in Gray’s Bloodline novel.). There’s no way Harloff is sexist, misogynist or otherwise because he didn’t get the invite from Disney – he’s just pissed off!

At the same time, I am excited for what’s next for Kristian. Now that he’s seeing what happens when he is a bad boy and steps out of the line SJWs drew for him, perhaps he’ll come around. I would love to see Harloff continue to shill for Star Wars, but finally become “woke,” using the SJW term in reverse – woke, red pilled, with a new foundation in reality. I hope that Harloff comes to the realization that, because he has a penis, Star Wars producers like Kathleen Kennedy and Rian Johnson have nothing but contempt for anything resembling white skin with a phallus between their legs (“The Force is Female,” anyone?). I, for one, would welcome Kristian into the Fandom Menace, arms wide open as a brother in arms, if he would be brave enough to open his eyes and see what SJWs do to those who voice disinterest in their cause by refusing to play by their rules.

SC Reviews expose on Rachel Leishman’s hit piece against Kristian Harloff

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