Fan Abuse from Creatives Needs to Stop!

Enough is Enough!

If you’ve read my terms of use on my “legals” page, you will see that I pretty much tolerate anything, within reason. One thing that I do not tolerate is threats of bodily harm against others who have a different opinion than you do. The bullying of non-mainstream critics, wishing death to family members of those who just want creatives to acknowledge that the stuff they spew (STD, I’m looking in your direction) isn’t all that great, needs to stop! I hate using a SJW term, but toxic fandom is beyond reproach.

Who are the toxic fans, you might ask? Well, SJWs and the mainstream / access media will have you believe it’s us, the Fandom Menace. We voice our outrage over character assassinations of cultural icons (Spock in STD, Luke Skywalker in The Last Jedi, etc.), horrifically executed stories crapped out by know-nothing creatives who tell us to accept it or else (Game of Thrones Season 8, Doctor Who, etc.), or identity politics injected into the very franchises we turned to to escape all of that (Star Trek, Star Wars, Firefly, etc.). Yes, we spew hate speech all over the internet when it comes to these things. We talk about how much we hate the ruining of our favorite fandom. We rant about how much we hate the business choices of the creatives. We argue about how much we hate an episode of STD or the whole of Game of Thrones, season 8.

However, criticizing and saying we disagree with certain choices or severely hate an episode or a whole season of a particular franchise, does not even come close to what is truly toxic fandom.

Yesterday (my time), popular YouTuber Nerdrotic posted an update about Anas Abdeen’s plagiarism lawsuit against CBS and STD. In the video (embedded below), Nerdrotic presents very nasty tweets and comments pointed at Anas, who has, since starting his lawsuit, continued to be harassed, bullied and threatened online by truly toxic fans. To truly illustrate how disgusting toxic fans have become, feel free to watch the video, below:

©2019 Nerdrotic. Embedded with permission.

CBS continues to strike out against critics of STD, such as YouTuber MechaRandom42, who has had a copyright strike incurred against her from an angry CBS executive (since removed after heavy dispute), then publicly harassed and trash-talked on TrekMovie (along with other critics like Nerdrotic and Doomcock (YouTube user: Overlord DVD [subscribe!])). Browsing the comments section of will expose where the cauldron of toxic fandom is coming from: fans of STD.

When I was part of Facebook, I was in the Captain Pike FB group. I mentioned that I didn’t like a certain element of STD, and several fans came out, directly attacking my comment, with no less than 5-page manifestos trashing me and the entirety of the Fandom Menace in the worst ways possible.

Toxic fandom has reached a fever pitch. Even though my headline says, “it needs to stop,” it won’t. We live in an age where simply disagreeing with someone is not enough. Today, if you disagree with a particular popular point of view, you’re doxed, ANTIFA protests in front of your house (the infamous Tucker Carlson incident comes to mind) and you get gassed, slashed and beaten because you don’t like The Last Jedi.

I wish I was exaggerating.

Challenge for those who think that this is truly not a problem: go onto, check out any STD or Star Trek Picard story and criticize something. Make a valid criticism, such as, “I can’t relate to Michael Burnham because Sonequa Martin-Green’s acting in this particular scene is wooden and I felt nothing.” If the moderators don’t flat-out delete your comment (because the webmaster and the moderators are CBSAA shills, but I digress – it is rare they actually moderate criticisms because the want to watch the ensuing show), watch the reactions and responses you get.

It’s fans like these toxic avengers that devalue the labels of sexist, misogynist, troll, racist, terrorist and so-on. You will be called all of these, and more, simply because you disagree or dislike the pile of dog crap lit on fire you’ve been presented with. The creatives take a dump on the floor, shove your face in it and shove the poo down your throat when you reject their filth. From Benihoff and Wies’s “you don’t know how to adjust your televisions” when it came to Game of Thrones 8.3, to Rian Johnson’s “Mah deeeeek” Twitter rants, the sheer amount of disrespect creatives give to the fans because their pride is hurt after realizing their efforts and money was spent on that aforementioned burning bag of dog crap, will, in due time, blow up in their faces.

As Jeremy from Geeks + Gamers always reminds us, “SJWs don’t follow the business models.” Sure, creatives produce content that panders to SJWs, but SJWs don’t buy the merch, they don’t make repeat viewers, and they don’t go to the cons to meet the stars, get autographs or anything like that. When you take away the fans who creatives continue to disrespect, you’re left with SJWs – those are the toxic fans. When we walk away with our wallets closed (and we have been since The Force Awakens), and our cancelled subscriptions to streaming services (not “paused,” CBSAA – they’re NEVER coming back), when we’re not standing in line at the movie theaters, when cineplexes are ordered to put Captain Marvel on 9 out of 10 screens and still absolutely no one showed up to see the movie forcing home media release of the film only two months after its closure (instead of the usually mandatory six), and you STILL don’t get the message?

Creatives, you and your productions have major problems you can’t recover from.

When Netflix REJECTS Star Trek Picard (with Sir Patrick Stewart) and Amazon is reported to be extremely upset with CBS over the deal, you know things are looking very bad. Does a skyscraper need to collapse and kill thousands of people for you to realize you built it on a child’s sandbox? Does a restaurant need to poison and kill hundreds of customers before you realize your facilities are disgusting?

The ones who need to wake up are the creatives and not the fans! So do that, creatives: WAKE UP!


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