An analysis of the series premise and the not-quite-first-look teaser trailer.

The Commander Returns….

For the first time since STAR TREK NEMESIS, Sir Patrick Stewart is set to return to his iconic role he can’t quite un-typecast himself out of in (tentative) 2019’s STAR TREK: PICARD. Much like the late, great Leonard Nimoy before him, Sir Stewart is set to bring back Captain Jean-Luc Picard, and just like Spock in STAR TREK (2009), just as miserable and cranky as ever.

It seems Alex Kurtzman and Bad Reboot (I’m (not quite) sorry, “Secret Hideout”) can’t stop destroying our mythological icons. It would be as if Bad Robot, Disney or some other SJW-pandering numb-skull, rewrote “The Trojan War” and instead of Achilles being the hero, it’s Helen of Troy as Ironman. Because, after all, Achilles was a toxic patriarch and he dies anyway, so why not, right?

STAR TREK PICARD, brought to us by the (fired, remember this point) producers of STD, is set in the “post-Nemesis,” “prime” timeline where Spock from STAR TREK (2009) came from, where Picard is a grumpy old man reaching a hundred years old. The narration tells us that Picard, a former Admiral, commanded the largest “rescue armada” of all time, that apparently brought someone “into the light” or “out of the darkness,” or whatever. This was followed by an event that was so life changing and damning to his psyche that Picard left Starfleet.

From having grown-up with Picard, this has to be an excruciatingly horrific event. Not even the death of his brother and nephew in 2371 (STAR TREK GENERATIONS) caused him to waver. Picard sulked, talked it out with Counselor Troi, regained his composure and fought on. In a way, he even got a chance to say a proper goodbye to his nephew, Rene, in the Nexus. So, the event that would force Picard to jump ship would have to be so great that it would have to shatter him.

The timeline seems to be confusing, according to the narration. If Starfleet committed genocide against the Romulans, then that “rescue armada” Picard commanded would have to have been part of a much larger whistle-blowing operation; so much so that Spock would’ve vowed to save Romulus. Unfortunately, this makes no sense as we know that no such rescue took place prior to the Hobus Star going supernova. Otherwise, mass evacuations would’ve been reported, even on the Romulan side. None such occurred.

Thus, this massive “rescue armada” would have to be in the direct aftermath of the Shinzon Massacre, which would line up exactly with the “fifteen years ago” opening statement. Picard would then be invested in peace between the Romulans and the Federation, with Spock as the spearhead. In the midst of bringing the Romulans and Remans out of the darkness of what had to be the greatest act of violence in the Empire since their defeat at the hands of Captain Archer and Earth Starfleet in 2160, Hobus goes nova. Picard would have to have lost someone or something near and dear to him. Losing Spock wouldn’t shake him so much, unless they play off of the mind meld link Picard had with Sarek (which would make two individuals, that we know of, that shared parts of Sarek’s katra).

This is backed up by Spock’s mind meld with Kirk in STAR TREK (2009). Nero would have no reason to anger as he would’ve known that his people, would thrive, and he would’ve urged his wife to join the evac of the planet. Such was not to be, since we know that Spock and the Federation did diddly squat when it came to the Romulans, and thus Nero’s anger was justified.

Unfortunately, given Alex Kurtzman’s penchant for destroying beloved Star Trek characters, nothing quite so intelligent will come to pass, at least I have no confidence that it will. Much like Michael Burnham’s “half-breed” insult to Spock, I fear that we’re going to get someone pointing at Picard and calling him a bad name, which will result in him having “hurt feelings” and leaving Starfleet. After-all, we’re living in the era of soy and that’s what we’re probably going to get.

Either way, I have a bad feeling about this show. It’s a shame because I don’t want to have these negative outlooks, especially for a Star Trek brand, spearheaded by Sir Pat himself as co-executive producer. At this point, I can only pray that it’s only as bad as Game of Thrones Season 8 and not STD-level bad. I am hoping beyond hope that we can get upset at the Benihoff and Weiss-level of storytelling rather than the typical diseased-ridden drivel we always get from Akiva Goldsman and the rest of the STD Season 1 staff that’s attached to PICARD.

Trailer Throwbacks and Easter Eggs

  1. Opening shot similar to our intro to Old Man Picard from TNG’s “All Good Things” series finale, at the grape vine.
  2. Apparently, France also has those tall monoliths that dot the landscape of 23rd century Iowa in ST09.
  3. Vintage ’86 of Chateau Picard is a nice throwback to the start of filming for TNG in 1986 (premiered in 1987).
  4. The ruscan flute plays TMP/TNG fanfare (RIP, Jerry Goldsmith) over the STD/ST09 stylized titles.

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