Star Trek Picard Starfleet Uniforms: 25% Different with a Touch of Syphilis

It’s (NOT) f–king cool…

In a story splashed on’s front-page, we now have our first look at the Starfleet uniforms from the upcoming STAR TREK PICARD series, starring Sir Patrick Stewart himself in the title role. STAR TREK PICARD is currently in production in Southern California, making it the first US- domestically produced STAR TREK series of the (current) Dark Age and is (target) slated for release this winter on CBS All Access in the US, Space in Canada and Amazon Prime worldwide.

Trekmovie’s uniform graphic…

My first impression of the general design of the uniform is kind of an eye-roll while at the same time nodding with slight approval. Though, I can’t help but wanna scream, in the same vain as the cast of “The Good Place” say, “Y’BASIC!!” The flat finish is reminiscent of the uniform introduced in STAR TREK COUNTDOWN (which is going to be 100% canonized in STP), with the traditional rank pips we see in STAR TREK ENTERPRISE, TNG through VOY and even in STD. This is in lieu of the pip bars we see Starfleet officers wear in COUNTDOWN, the design of the latter uniform influenced heavily by STAR TREK ONLINE’S Odyssey uniform variants (which I adore, by the way).

The design of the STP uniform borrows heavily from the STAR TREK GENERATIONS/early DS9/VOYAGER variants with an overall black finish and a department colored 1/3 top. The colors also keep the TNG order (red for command, blue for sciences and gold for operations), which is a decent callback (I prefer the gold and red be swapped like they originally were in TOS, faithfully kept in ENTERPRISE and (I can’t believe I’m saying something positive about) STD).

That’s where the good (if you can call it that) observations end.

Now, let’s take a look at the combadge.

Holy mother of…. the COMBADGE!

Let me throw some shade for a moment:

The 25% thing has been debunked to death!

YouTuber Ketwalski

The combadge is the ultimate icon of the “25%” rule, having (literally) 25% of it cut out. From the abysmal STD uniforms and delta badge, we see that Kurtzman and company have completely failed in this regard. Why, oh why, is there 25% of the delta sliced like that? Even in the top combadge design, which is supposedly to pay homage to TNG and STAR TREK GENERATIONS, the oval has 25% of it cut out!

I know this is a small nitpick but its meaning is absolutely huge, in that we know now we are getting a 25% gutted piece of trash, created by the Osama bin Laden lookalike himself, Alex Kurtzman. In the 24th and 25th centuries, heck even beyond STD’s run going into TOS, the 25% cutout design had been abandoned! Why is it being brought back in STP? And what is the justification for it? It’s not cool! It’s insulting!

The Trekmovie article goes on to praise the entire aesthetic, as Nerdrotic correctly states (and the website probably lies about), it’s because Trekmovie is owned by CBS. For me, the combadge ruins the entire thing. Most if it is just lazy design, some of which I can look beyond. The pips don’t do it for me. The combadge is the most damning of it all, harkening directly to the syphilis we all suffered having to watch STD for two seasons. If I knew this is the way these people would be going with STP, I would’ve preferred that Starfleet only be mentioned by name and never seen on camera (for the first time in Star Trek history).

This is just another slap in the face and a subtle reminder that Alex Kurtzman bin Laden is here to stay, whether we like it or not. I have no hope for Picard at this point, and neither should you!

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