MK11 Nintendo Switch Update: Ed Boon IS Listening


So, today being May 11th, I accepted the service pack update for MK11 on my Nintendo Switch. When I started the game, I was very surprised to be asked for a very simple favor: input a code that appears on my Mortal Kombat iPad App. This code would only have worked on the PS4, XBOne and PC versions, but now my Switch (the only one of the aforementioned I have… well, I’ll just say that at present my PC can’t handle MK11, or just about any modern AAA game for that matter) was prompting me for this code. I put it in and lo and behold, I’m greeted with a plethora of information!

The first notification that appeared was a “link successful” message, telling me my copy of MK11 and my MK App had been linked.

Simple enough, no problems there.

Then, the next message appeared, this one directly from the creative team of MK11. This message dropped my jaw to the floor (and at the same time reminded me of why I’m such a huge MK fan in the first place).

We are aware of the difficulty level in Towers of Time and are working on a fix. Check your Player Notifications to claim a free gift.

Message as it appears on MK11’s latest update

That wasn’t all.

Paired with this gift were the following:

  • 500,000 Koins
  • 500 Hearts
  • 1,000 Souls
  • 1,000 Time Krystals

It seems like Ed Boon and his team are STILL listening to the fans when it comes to criticisms of Mortal Kombat, and are still dedicated to giving us a great and wonderful product to enjoy.

I want to personally thank (if they ever read this) Ed Boon and his team for doing what most creatives have failed to do in recent day. You see, unlike Kathleen Kennedy, Pablo Hidalgo, Dan and Dave (GoT), the entire cast of Star Trek Discovery, who attack fans who even have remote negative criticism about their product, Ed Boon and his magnificent brigade of creatives took these critical comments to heart and gave us a sign that our opinion matters.

I applaud NeatherRelm Studios for going the extra mile to satisfy their customer and fan base. While MK11 is far from a flawless victory, it’s doing its best to pull off a fatality by continually demonstrating why the franchise has survived for so long.

Thank you!

PS: Kronika fight announcer voice pack is HAUNTING and I love it!!

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