Enough is Enough! Alex Kurtzman is Incompetent: Star Trek Discovery’s History of Plagiarism!

Should be pretty obvious what’s about to happen…

As someone who was extremely excited for Star Trek’s return to the small screen (in some form or another) in 2018, I tuned into STAR TREK DISCOVERY with hope. Sure, I listened to the reports from the likes of Midnight’s Edge, but I ignored them. I saw the first two episodes of STD and I was floored. It looked great and the story reminded me of the old FAFSA Star Trek RPG games with elements that seemed to be pulled directly from it. I even needed John Campea to reaffirm my belief that STD was worth the effort of tuning in every week to Netflix to watch it!

Oh how little I knew back then.

When the lawsuit from Anas Abdeen came about, I rolled my eyes. “Yet another small fry loser who wants money, doing what they can to get money they didn’t earn,” I thought. I dismissed it outright in my mind because, eff you, Star Trek was back, baby!

Then, I took a look at the evidence. As season one of STD progressed and the stories got worse and worse, I came to realize that Anas Abdeen may have been justified. I started taking a look at the information beyond the meme.

The famous character comparison chart from Tardigrade vs. STD

The similarities didn’t end at the meme. The overall character map was completely familiar. If you read the character bible for Tardigrade, it reads exactly like the one from STD. The same McGuffin, Carter is Paul Stamets who interacts with the McGuffin to navigate through space and time. Aziz is the scientist (token) POC who has a homosexual relationship with Carter (a rape in the bathroom vs. an actual loving relationship between Paul and Hugh). Michael Burnham is modeled after Yolanda, even though Mikey Spock is emm-effing Iron Man (literally, that’s coming up later on in this article as well). Natasha is the red-headed super genius who moves the story along – reads exactly like Tilly.

Kurtzman and Secret Hideout/Bad Robot didn’t even try.

When CBS was confronted about the lawsuit, they said that they didn’t touch Tardigrade (a lie). They did plagiarize, however – from The Expanse!

They didn’t lie with the last part of that statement. The plot for season 3 of the Expanse is exactly like the plot bible for season 2 of STD!

James Holden (Steven Strait) from Season 3 of The Expanse
Spock (Ethan Peck) from Season 2 of STD

Spoilers ahead for The Expanse Season 3 if you’re still watching it, you may want to switch to another article or website. The entire plot of season three of this epic series (now on Amazon Prime) encompasses an alien sphere that sends visions of the future to James Holden. Holden goes insane and is in need of desperate attention from his girlfriend, Naomi, who stands by him through his madness. All the while, Holden is seeing a phantom of Detective Miller from Star Helix, who guides Holden and his crew down to a sphere. At the sphere, the threat to all sentient life is revealed, leaving Naomi and Holden to save the known universe.

Sound familiar? It should – it’s the entire plot to STD season two!

James Holden is now Spock (complete with beard and madness after seeing the future). We now know why Spock had a beard in STD – because it was James Holden’s trademark for The Expanse S3! Naomi is now Mikey Spock, and we had rumblings of a potential childhood sexual relationship between Mikey Spock and Spock (come to find out, she just called him a “halfbreed” and he was scarred for life because of it).

The phantom of Detective Miller is now the Red Angel, who we come to find out was both Mikey Spock’s mom and Mikey Spock, herself (okay, there’s the 25% difference in story telling).

Both The Expanse and STD had a future-telling sphere that contained a threat to destroy all sentient life in the solar system/known galaxy.

Oh, and speaking of the Red Angel suit…

The Red Angel Time Suit, which we find out in this scene IS Mikey Spock, in S2 of STD
The Series II JumpSuit for use with the Deep Time Unit (The Journeyman Project II: Buried in Time)
The Chameleon JumpSuit (The Journeyman Project III: The Legacy of Time)

During the course of STD2, we hear a lot of complaints when it comes to some of the dialog from Mikey Spock’s mom. She claimed to have been there when Mikey graduated from the Vulcan Science Academy. She claimed to be there for most of her life’s milestones. How, then, could she have been? What, does her suit cloak or something?

Well, actually, yes. It does.

You see, the origin of the Red Angel time suit comes from none other than The Journeyman Project video game series. The complete time suit, starting with the variant from TJPII: Buried in Time, comes with a cloaking biochip, which allows the suit to cloak when necessary. The suit from TJPIII: Legacy of Time is called a Chameleon JumpSuit, which has holographic emitters on it to change the appearance of the suit to a local of the time period the wearer is visiting.

Both suits travel through time via a wormhole generated by some kind of “quantum” reaction powered by a time crystal (only in TJP, we aren’t told what kind of “core” is used but we can assume, since the color and appearance is the exact same as what appeared over twenty years later in STD). Speaking of STD, the Red Angel time suit operates the exact same way: a “quantum” reaction of some sort with the time crystal creates a singularity that the suit can jump through.

The Journeyman Project series is a short-lived PC game franchise that copied heavily from Star Trek as the backbone to its universe, complete with a Federation-like organization called the Symbiotry of Peaceful Beings which Earth joined in the second game. The story of the game revolves around the Temporal Security Agency (the “good” TSA), which was founded by a temporal physicist who sought to stop Earth’s application into the Symbiotry by assassinating its ambassador. Your job as the player was to stop him.

If you haven’t been brought to anger about STD yet, this last bit certainly will, especially if you know your Greek mythology.

The name of the time travel project from TJP: Project Journeyman, with the time machine labelled, “Project: Pegasus.”

STD’s: “Project: Daedalus!”

As usual, not very “creative.”

The 25% difference: the Red Angel suit can produce a singularity strong enough to attract a full-sized Crossfield-class starship behind it.

Oh, and it had wings!

With the success of Avengers: Endgame an inevitability, you can fully expect season three of STD to leech off of that. Better yet, you can pretty much bet that, if you’ve played Mass Effect, you’re going to get exactly that: Mass Effect with a Star Trek skin mod. Since the series has Mikey Spock in the role of Iron Man, you’ll pretty much know what to expect from S3 coming up.

The “creative” team behind STD should be sued for false advertising. They aren’t “creative” at all. If anything, they’re creatively bankrupt, in that they have yet to produce one single original idea and put it on screen. As much as I got excited for the design of the bridge of the Enterprise, most of it was not original at all in its design and stole directly from Star Trek Online (giving STO some legitimacy I guess). If that wasn’t enough, the bridge set was actually not built for the Enterprise, but was actually a borrowed set from the yet untitled Star Trek Picard series! Proving, yet again, that the creative team is not only incapable of producing original ideas, but they’re so creatively depraved that they had to steal from future productions to meet their own script demands.

I have no faith that STD, going forward, will be any good. On the contrary, it took a massive, steaming afternoon dump on the last 50 years of Star Trek lore, and is poised to do so yet again. They are now in the position to downplay the roles that Picard, Sisko and Janeway had on shaping the Star Trek universe in their time by making their efforts and achievements pale in comparison to the almighty Mikey Spock.

This show should have been cancelled and The Orville should’ve been given the green light for its third season a long time ago. No one is tuning into this uncreative hot mess that dares to call itself “Star Trek,” and no one should. Alex Kurtzman should hang his head in shame for what he’s done to Star Trek. If not, then perhaps the fact that no one’s renewing their subscriptions to CBSAA or any other streaming platform that hosts STD should be a wakeup call to the admins at CBS and perhaps Kurtzman will finally be fired.

Or, Anas Abdeen will outright win his lawsuit and bring STD to the end it should’ve had at the end of season 1!

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