Why STD Got Renewed and The Orville Won’t [UPDATE: The Orville Renewed for a Third Season, Officially Announced!]

TokyoGaijin to explain the wrongs of it all

[UPDATE 1, 12 May 2019] This piece was an opinion piece that I still stand by. In spite of The Orville being officially renewed for a third season, I still have great fears of things moving forward. The original piece follows this statement, and has been removed from top featured articles.

Early into its run on CBS All Access (or for me, here in Japan, on Netflix), the news spread far and wide that Star Trek Discovery (STD) got picked up for a third season. In the mix, fake news emerged as well that CBSAA’s subscriptions were record shattering. However, as exposed by Midnight’s Edge and everyone else with an objective mind, the fact that these numbers were all exactly that (fake news) quickly spread and the white knights of STD came out of the woodwork like termites.

The statement that STD is one of the most divisive science fiction TV shows out there is probably a massive understatement. The very foundation of STD stands upon a skeletal frame made entirely of hate; hate for norms, hate for anything that disagrees with the social justice culture, hate for what used to be, hate for the fandom, and probably most damning of all, hate for Star Trek. Indeed, my critique of STD would be as harsh, if not more so, than those of the likes of Doomcock and MechaRandom42. The things that happened in STD you just simply don’t do on television, period-end.

In opposite contrast, we have Fox’s The Orville, a show that is nothing short of a love letter to the Roddenberry/Berman Eras of Star Trek – you remember, the shows from 1966 to 2005 that everyone and their moms copied (I should say, inspired). You remember, the one where George Lucas said that Star Wars was a success because of Star Trek?

“Star Trek softened up the entertainment arena so that Star Wars could come along and stand on its shoulders… There was an effective group of people in the beginning who accepted it, and it wasn’t that far out (but) for the studios, it was way far out… but there was a fanbase out there, primarily the Star Trek fanbase, who understood sci-fi, understood visual sci-fi, and was ready for something like [Star Wars] to be in the feature arena.”

George Lucas (citation link)

The crap that was pooped out by CBS and branded “Star Trek” isn’t influencing anyone or anything, anytime soon. With the majority of the fandom calling for its outright cancellation, the execs at CBS were all doing heavy drugs when they made the decision to renew STD for a third season.

With the current state of Star Wars today, being run by the feminazi SJW likes of Kathleen Kennedy, Fox’s new parent company, Walt Disney, may be pressured to cancel The Orville, outright. Rumors that Disney has no control over Fox’s TV programming may be bunk, as the company may exercise full executive power to cancel the show.

Why would that happen?

For one, Captain Ed Mercer (Seth McFarlane), who I must admit found his legs in this recently concluded second season, is a straight white male. As such, he is the arch nemesis to everything that current pop culture is trying to create. He is not only a straight, white male, but he is strong, capable, alpha, and everything that a modern man should be.

This includes not only being supportive of, but accepting support from, Commander Kelly Grayson (Adrianne Palicki), who just happens to be Captain Mercer’s ex wife. Not that it matters anyway, because Ed and Kelly’s love affair grew beyond the bounds of their marriage, especially in this very successful second season. She is feminine in every way that matters – equal to a man, a natural leader with natural talents. Unlike the character of Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) from STD, Grayson’s flaws are genuinely human flaws. She’s needy, especially from (wait for it…) male attention, and we not only see this play out, but we know factually that this true as this is the base reason why Grayson had an affair which led to her divorce from Mercer. Not only was she weak, but she was wrong and she knows it – it’s part of what makes her who she is, and for that, Kelly Grayson is the model feminine character.

SJWs HATE that!

They also will hate the current story arc that may be leading to the reunion or perhaps remarriage of Ed and Kelly in the endgame. A cis white heterosexual couple as central focus characters of the show is a huge no-no for the execs at Disney and doesn’t play into their business models, anyway (which SJWs don’t subscribe to even though they clamor for it nonstop on Twitter, YouTube and Trekmovie.com).

This goes right into my theory for the reason why they’re only “in talks” to renew for a third season. The execs of Fox (now Disney) got the new “system requirements” and having them passed down to the show runners (Seth, David A. Goodman and Trek Alum Brannon Bragga), with them saying that they’re “in talks” pretty much means that we will hear about “creative differences” soon, followed by a “talks have stalled” news break regarding Orville Season 3.

We have not got an official pick-up yet, but we are beginning talks. I’m optimistic, but I don’t have the final, official word yet. I think the show has been doing well for them. The studio loves the show. It sells well in foreign sales. So, I am optimistic, but as I often say in this business it is nothing until it is something.

David A. Goodman vs. Trekmovie.com, RE: Season 3 Renewal of The Orville (citation link)

This just goes to prove: if you go against Michael Burnham, you die! Just ask Captain Georgeou, General Kol, Captain Lorca, the Enterprise Science Officer, Leland and many, many more. Each of these characters met horrific fates because they either disagreed with or went head-to-head against Michael Burnham, whose power and might is apparently so great, her influence reaches across the void to pimp slap the living taste out of The Orville (which took plenty of potshots at STD, by the way) which will lead to its inevitable cancellation.

This is not a fate that I would have foreseen for The Orville if this was five years ago. Unfortunately, in 2019, in the age of “Time’s Up” and “Me Too,” we are forced to conclude that the reason why we haven’t seen or heard anything about a renewal for a third season of The Orville is because Disney and Seth McFarlane are having “creative issues” with regards to the show and its characters. I have a feeling that the following condition will apply: unless Seth plays ball with the SJWs and does something drastic (my gut feeling is telling me that they’ll either make him kill off Mercer and advance Kelly to the chair or turn Kelly gay, one of these two), Disney won’t even touch it. The Orville is contemporary and touches on every aspect of social justice commentary in a tasteful and tactful way.

Already we have:
*Homosexual couple as main characters (then again their species is entirely male to begin with)
*Transgender child (said homosexual couple’s offspring, trans at gunpoint but trans nonetheless)
*Woman of color at the forefront of most of seasons 1 and 2’s episodes
*Two powerful, strong, arse-kicking women as security chief (same race, different characters that rotated out mid-season)
*A powerful woman who the lead male character can’t live without
*A bumbling idiot alpha male who happens to be the ship’s pilot
*A person of color in a position of authority (specifically, chief engineer)

It’s not enough for SJWs, and Disney will want to make sure it’s compliant with them before moving forward.

This is what happens when you pander to SJWs. Nothing is good enough for them and they will make sure that you are destroyed. Apologize and they’ll make it worse for you.

I hope beyond hope that I’m wrong and that we get a season 3 announcement soon. Already we got a season 3 announcement for Cobra Kai (I’ll be covering that very, very soon). I don’t think, though, we’ve heard the end of this story.

Stay tuned to your blogs and news sources of choice for the latest news coming from Disney and The Orville.


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