SJWs Petition to Replace Brie Larson

SJW Gaijin takes this one…

Brie Larson is the queen of representation. When she came onto the scene, she was the greatest thing to ever happen to entertainment. Her empowering role as Captain Marvel helped to put a spotlight on women and what they can do. Men quaked in fear at her very presence, and Brie Larson brought with her the potential for absolute greatness in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Captain Marvel was the first female-led superhero movie and it reached over a billion dollars in worldwide box office! Her epic performance shamed every man on screen and finally put a sock in the likes of Jeremy from Geeks + Gamers because, after all, the movie shut down the narrative of toxic masculinity and was at the forefront of the social justice conversation.

After seeing Avengers Endgame, I have to say that I’m completely disappointed in her. She cut her hair short in the film for, what? To show that she stands by the LGBTQ+ community? No. Her playing second fiddle to the likes of Captain America and Iron MAN are nothing more than a representation of her submitting to cis white men!

I won’t stand for it, and neither will the community!

That is why I support the petition to get rid of Brie Larson (who’s straight, by the way) and replace her with not only a woman of color but someone who can truly represent the LGBTQ+ community. I’ll even support a trans woman, anyone but that cis white “female,” Brie Larson!

Here’s the link to the petition.

If you care about social justice in any way, shape or form, you’ll sign this petition to have Brie Larson fired and replaced! We need to send a clear and united message to all those Trump supporters who lined up to watch Endgame and who cheered for Captain America and Iron Man: time’s up! Enough is enough! Stop treating women as second rate garbage! It was Captain Marvel’s time to shine and Brie Larson stood there and, just like any submissive woman would, took being trampled on by men right up where the sun don’t shine, and accepted her fate as second-fiddle!

No more!

Super Gaijin comes to the rescue…

Oh wow, that hurt.

A lot!

I’m sorry for letting SJW Gaijin out of the cage for this one. Just thought it would be funny, you know, illustrating how SJWs eat each other alive.

This story comes to the light of day thanks to Jeremy from Geeks + Gamers. Apparently, I was only half-kidding with the SJW-esq rant above, as this is what is actually happening to Brie Larson right now. SJWs are petitioning to have Brie Larson fired and replaced by an LGBTQ+ woman of color as Captain Marvel (apparently, men are also encouraged to apply as well as they would fall under LGBTQ+ if they fit this description to a T.. oh yeah, and you can’t be white, either).

G+G cites the source of the petition, which has less than 200 signatures as of the writing of this piece, with a target of only 1,000. The source of the story comes to us from Bounding Into Comics.

SJWs (pictured left) create a petition to take care of the white Brie Larson problem (pictured right) plaguing Captain Marvel

This is a clear illustration of social justice warriors eating their own, alive, like hyenas on prey. SJWs don’t follow any business model. They just run their mouths for the sake of running their mouths. Their agenda has single handedly brought down the greatest science fiction franchises known to ever exist: Star Trek, Star Wars and Dr. Who, to name a few. They’ve sunken their teeth into Marvel which thankfully, with the end of Avengers Endgame, has come to an end (sure there will be more MCU movies, but the shining saga of the MCU, which were the 20-plus movies from Iron Man to Avengers Endgame, has come to a fantastic close). Just in time as well, as the hyena packs that are SJWs are circling around for more, threatening to sink their teeth into, and seeking to ruin, more franchises like The Expanse and Game of Thrones.

We can only hope that we can survive long enough to revive these beloved franchises or see them finally put to rest.

The link to the Geeks + Gamers YouTube story is here.

Credit clearly goes to Geeks + Gamers for breaking this very entertaining story.

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