Double Standards and Social Media [UPDATE 2 – Bounding Into Comics FB Page Restored]

Updated: 2019.05.11, Update after the original content

Politics: Headache for All

It’s about a concept that affects us all, and harbors the reasons why many have made an exodus (myself included) away from social media platforms. We live in an age where literally anyone can say anything the want to, no matter the legal ramifications. In a perfect world, these issues would be levied equally in order to protect people or against the scumbags who commit actual crimes. These are not laws but the powers by which heads of social media platforms can wield in order to preserve peace and protect their users. Recently, SJW groups like ANTIFA have begun a violent campaign against people who simply disagree with their politics, calling people “Nazis” and cold cocking anyone who wears any kind of political gear that stands in opposition of what they believe. It is, in and of itself, an ideology of hate. They believe “fighting fire with fire” is a sure way to not only get your point across but to win your arguments.

They are wrong.

The non-violent version of ANTIFA is, of course, social media.

If you are politically active on any of the big social media sites, beware: you’re being monitored depending on what side you’re on. If you championed Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton, you can say anything you want about the opposition, and not only are the moderators on your side but apparently, so is Hollywood. In 2016, Michael Shannon (“Zod” from Man of Steel) famously said, “If you voted for Donald Trump, it’s time for the urn.” (citation link)

During the first annual women’s march in 2017, geared as a direct middle finger to President Trump and his supporters, Madonna publicly championed terrorism against the United States government (citation link).

Not just that, but Kathy Griffen went on to directly threaten President Trump’s life by reenacting an ISIS beheading of the President (citation link). Slightly less infamously, rapper Snoop Dogg staged a mock hold-up and assassination of the President in his 2017 music video (citation link).

A side-note on that last citation link – it’s a CNN article. I used it to illustrate a couple of things. 1: CNN’s bias against conservatives and President Trump knows no bounds. They would not only post this story but actually promote the thing. 2: The wording CNN used to describe what Snoop Dogg is doing in the video. They call it an “execution” rather than an “assassination.” Let that sink in for just a moment.

It’s not isolated to general pop culture either.

It’s poisoned fandom.

In 2017, the producers of STAR TREK DISCOVERY announced their inspiration for their new Klingons. They were to be an allegory for President Trump and Trump supporters (citation link). Later on, in the show’s first season, we come to learn that, after the firing of the original show runner, the story was changed to make the celebrated Mirror Universe Terran Empire the stand-in for Trump and Trump supporters, with Gabriel Lorca (the first season’s main villain) proudly announce, “Together [with Michael Burnham] we will make the Empire great again.”

Oops. Did I just spoil Star Trek Discovery for someone?

*Shrugs* oh well. Consider it a favor.

Speaking of Captain Lorca (Harry Potter’s Jason Issacs), he went on a verbal attack against Trump supporters, calling them “trolls” and “closet humans.” (citation link), not soon after the end of photography for the first season of Star Trek Discovery.

Even Captain America (Chris Evans) is getting onboard the fan hate express. In his latest statements during midst of the uproar over Captain Marvel, Evans claimed that he doesn’t care if he alienates half of his fanbase when it comes to how much he hates Trump supporters (citation link).

Recently, Don Cheadle made a joke about undoing President Trump if he had the infinity gauntlet, in a snap of his own (citation link). In my personal opinion, this one is more tolerable because it doesn’t attack supporters nor does it champion assassination of the president. The others above are much more extreme.

When it comes to freedom of speech, the above are celebrated and heralded as heroes, speaking out when “so little have a voice to do so.” Yet, during the presidency of Barack Obama and the candidacy of Hillary Clinton, people of their opposition were punished for far, far less.

When viewing news that would enrage me during my tenure on Facebook, I would comment how much Obama pissed me off and entertained that he “need(ed) to disappear.” The result: 30 days suspension, in 2015, during the height of Obama’s race war and the heat of the upcoming presidential campaigns.

Basically, I said the exact same thing Don Cheadle said in his interview. He’s celebrated. I was punished.

Whole channels dedicated to the debunking of political opponents were deplatformed and pundits were forced into social media exile because they had the wrong opinion. Andrew Breitbart (RIP), Alex Jones, Pew Die Pie, just to name a couple, are prime examples of these. While Breitbart moved on to create a mildly successful anti-CNN news site, Alex Jones and Pewds lie in ruin for their political wrong think. YouTubers like Jeremy (both of them from The Quartering and Geeks + Gamers), Lauren Chen (Roaming Millennial), Dave Cullen (Computing Forever), Steven Crowder, et’al are constantly being targeted by far-left idealists like social media tycoons, George Soros, and former President Obama himself, because they don’t agree with the left’s narrative – a narrative that has seeped into the fandom and is causing it to stink like someone took a dump on dead bodies that were thrown on top of a garbage heap to make the next layer of land for Statin Island.

When it comes to freedom of speech on the internet, it’s okay so long as you lean left. Lean right, and you’re subject to angry mobs, doxing and all other such nonsense that actually threatens lives. It’s shameful and it’s not what the fandom should stand for.

Star Trek was never used as a tool for hate, until Star Trek Discovery. Its stars loudly promoted violence and hatred against those who disagreed with their politics. They demonstrate the need to persevere through adversity, even when that adversity is simply the opinion of those who don’t agree with you. In an exchange between Captain Philippa Georgeou (Michelle Yeoh) and Lt. Commander Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) in the pilot episode of STD (“The Vulcan Hello”), there’s an infamous exchange that pretty much sums it all up.

Starfleet DOESN’T fire first.

We HAVE to!!

This was pretty much the death nell for Star Trek and a clear illustration of what western society has turned into. Shoot first, screw the other guy. If he doesn’t agree with us, blow him out of the stars and we’ll make others agree. This particular scene was in reference to whether or not the hero ship of the scene should fire on a Klingon vessel in order to sue for peace. Georgeou played it by the book and subverted the mutiny, but ended up paying the price because she had the wrong idea (going against Burnham, who represents the far left in this scene – go with it or pay the price).

This is what threatens us as a society. It doesn’t matter if you’re on the right or the left, what matters is that your liberties are being violently threatened. Social media is supposed to be a platform by which we can keep in touch with our friends and family, and spread information about our businesses. It’s also a tool to share ideas, even if they don’t agree with yours. It started out as the true meaning of the Vulcan IDIC (infinite diversity in infinite combination). Now, it’s turned into the Borg Collective where if you resist the narrative, you will be forced to conform or face deplatforming (“Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.”). Thus, you will become a drone (the NPC) and the only thing intelligible that comes from your mouth will be, “Orange Man Bad.”

This is what our fandom is falling into. This is what we fight to knock out of it. Politics should not be part of the fandom, and it’s time to get rid of it. #WithoutRespectWeReject.

[UPDATE 2019 MAY 11]

Just a few days ago, it has been reported that the Bounding Into Comics Facebook Page has been restored.

Facebook, in their restoration statement, blamed the page deletion on BIC’s mistyping of the page URL, stating that the FB staffer was able to access the BIC page the whole time and it was never taken down. Basically, FB accused BIC of lying.

This deplorable act on the side of Facebook is just another round of fan-blaming that we have seen in recent months, beginning with Star Wars and moving onto Star Trek and Game of Thrones (specifically, blaming fans and calling them ignorant because they didn’t know how to set their TVs properly to compensate for the set cloaking they were doing with their horrible photography on Episode 8×3).

I will continue to monitor the usual sites for further developments.

[UPDATE 2019 MAY 8]

It is being reported far and wide that Facebook has deplatformed Bounding Into Comcis ( Bounding Into Comics (BIC) has been known for its balanced news reporting, ranging from viewpoints from the Fandom Menace to Social Justice Warriors (their staff has a balance from both sides).

Facebook had reportedly removed their entire page for numerous copyright and law violations, none of which hold water since the worst that they’ve shared is a public trailer shared by almost all other media outlets.

It’s important, now more than ever, to make an exodus from Facebook and Twitter, lest our voices become silenced forever by the likes of Mark Zuckerberg.

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